The Agricultural Impacts Research Group is based in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University.

We use advanced earth observation technology and geospatial analytics to study the causes and consequences of agricultural change. Our goal is to identify solutions that enable humanity’s rapidly growing needs for food, fuel, and fiber to be met for substantially lower socio-economic and environmental costs. We focus our efforts on the regions of the world that are undergoing the most extensive agricultural transformations, particularly Africa.

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Are you interested in studying the drivers and impacts of agricultural change using advanced geospatial analytics? If so, we would be happy to talk. Prospective PhD applicants should have clear ideas about a potential research focus, experience in programming, demonstrated abilities in analytics and writing, and will ideally have (or be en route to) a related Master’s degree (e.g. geospatial science, computer science, quantitative ecology/environmental science). Information regarding the PhD application process is here, including details on what we look for in an application (see the FAQ). We also recommend these general guidelines for preparing a PhD application, and the following posts provide useful advice on how to write initial inquiries: 1, 2, 3.

We also welcome inquiries from students enrolled in or applying to the MSGIS program, and from Clark undergraduates pursuing related degrees (e.g. Geography and associated degrees and Data/Computer Science).